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Stream and shop from 15 countries with this Firefox extension

ChillGlobal is a VPN Extension for Firefox that allows you to access online content from 15 countries worldwide – regardless of where you are browsing from.

Give it a go

If Firefox is your go to browser and you are looking for a way to access content from other continents, then ChillGlobal is a solid choice. All you have to do to start instantly enjoying the global promise of the internet is drag the XPI file into your browser to install it.

You get 30 mins to try the app before having to register. This lets you see that, not only does the extension work, but also that it has no notable impact on browsing speeds. You can stream shows from the available countries when home, and access any of your subscriptions like Netflix or Hulu while traveling in territories that do not have the service.

ChillGlobal lets you manually select what country you want to browse content from in Manual Mode, or have the app intelligently select for you with its Smart Mode. This picks the most appropriate locale for each site automatically, letting you move between the UK for BBC’s iPlayer and the US for CNBC without having to change any settings.

Free to a point, and then a fair price

After your half hour trial ends you have to register, but even this is made simple as you can use Facebook, Twitter, Google, or your E-mail address to create an account. Yes, this means ChillGlobal does then have your data - so if you are sensitive to that be warned – but the service does not log or track anything when running in Manual Mode so you can be sure your private online habits will remain just that.

Once registered you receive 20 hours per month of browsing for free, after which you will have to consider the paid service if you want to continue your unfettered access to the internet. ChillGlobal offers three plans, a three day payment by SMS (perfect if you are traveling), or two subscription plans - one charged monthly and the other yearly.

Depending on where you live you may never exceed your 20 hour free allowance – but for expats with a love of their home countries national sport, ChillGlobal is the perfect way to access a slice of home for a fair price.

WWW made simple

By automatically selecting the country you are browsing from ChillGlobal makes it easy to surf your regularly visited international sites without having to fiddle with settings. Its fair payment plans and privacy options are just a bonus.

#1 unblocking add-on: Watch TV, Movies & Sports Channels from any country, Shop on any website regardless of your location

ChillGlobal is a small plugin for your web browser that lets you browse the internet without any geographical restrictions. ChillGlobal was created by a team of Swedish German digital technology experts, developers, entrepreneurs, investors and expats.

Our motto is: Unlock the world for everyone

Our belief: the internet is global, everyone should be able to access it

Our quality promise: a service that is fast, reliable, and easy to use for everyone

Our guarantee of peace of mind: our service is legal

Our passion: making life a better place and unlocking the world

We are happy to launch this amazing service, starting with 15 countries, and we think this application will make you and your children, a more happy family.

Unless a lot of competitors we guarantee that we do not track or log any data and are not any kind of malware or adware. We offer a complete harm free software!


  • 30 mins to make sure it works for you
  • 20hrs free access a month
  • Browse 15 countries
  • Automated or manual country selection


  • You do need to register
  • Pay for more than 20 hours service

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ChillGlobal for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.0.2
  • 4.5
  • (25)
  • Security Status

User reviews about ChillGlobal

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Best tool to watch favourite shows and Netflix.
    Chillglobal is the best tool watch all your favourite programs. I'm living abroad so until now I More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Great for people travelling and living abroad.
    it's a good choice for streaming and unblocking online content. I installed the 20h trial version More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Awesome! Secure and easy to install with 20 hours of free usage per month!.
    I really like the fact that ChillGlobal offers 20 hours of free usag More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Quick and easy to install, super speedy connection, HD quality streaming..
    Quick and easy to install, super speedy connection, HD quality stream More


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